Specialist Surveys

  • Digital scanning
  • Digital scanning
  • Digital scanning
  • Digital scanning
  • Digital scanning
  • Digital scanning
  • Thermal scan
  • Surveying
  • Hugh Garratt carrying out a site survey

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is the perfect tool for recording the detail of historic structures for conservation and posterity. Interiors and exteriors – from cathedrals to cottages – we create exact 3D digital models and highly detailed elevations which we combine with rectified photography to record and monitor the fabric of buildings.

A digital scan captures the moment.  Scans compared over time reveal changes in condition and the tiniest movements – often providing the earliest warning of structural stress.  Makes easy work of hard-to-access spots such as bridges and spires.

Our finest buildings rarely have accurate plans.  Ideal for complex structures, scanning creates an exact 3D replica from which we produce plans and elevations to any scale, complete with cross-sections at any point ... and at the cutting edge – scans can be used to programme 3D printers to recreate lost or damaged features.

Perfect for displays – fly through a 'virtual building' stopping wherever you want to examine an area in detail!  Great for sharing information, marketing and fundraising.

Smith & Garratt is the only firm of conservation accredited surveyors offering a building scanning service.  We understand the structures we scan; we interpret the data; we give follow-up advice.  Our digital specialities are:

  • Measured building surveys
  • Restricted access surveys
  • Detailed archaeological/heritage recording
  • Works planning
  • Interpretation of movement
  • Disaster recovery