Surveys & Valuations

Building Surveys

Smith & Garratt survey buildings. We understand the fabric of buildings and advise on a whole range of properties – town houses, cottages, country houses and castles, old buildings, altered buildings, buildings in poor condition and buildings with supposedly inexplicable defects. To help you decide which level of survey is appropriate for you we have summarised the RICS Guidance Note ‘Surveys of Residential Property’ (3rd edition May 2016) in our guide WHICH SURVEY. To learn more about the typical inspection and report provided by Smith & Garratt read about THE LEVEL THREE SURVEY. If you require something beyond the Level Three survey, see SPECIALIST SURVEYS below.

Specialist Surveys

Beyond the Level Three survey for residential property we offer a wide range of related services including:

  • building pathology
  • historic analysis (building archaeology) and historic recording
  • investigation of defects, including dampness and timber decay
  • precise moisture-content testing
  • borescope inspections, invasive surveys and Sibert microprobe
  • filming flues and drains, smoke and dye tests
  • asbestos surveys
  • services testing
  • thermographic imagery
  • airtightness testing*
  • petrographic and materials analysis
  • ground investigations*, porosity tests, California Bearing Ratio calculations*
  • topographical surveys, precise measured surveys, 3D scanning, photogrammetry
  • analysis of movement and structural support
  • records of condition
  • works costings and grant management
  • the management of party walls
  • archaeological, environmental and ecology surveys (bats, &c)
  • design services, CAD drawings, 3D CAD drawings; 2D and 3D imagery, sun-path analysis
  • procurement, project co-ordination and project management
  • planning consultancy, planning and listed building applications, monument applications
  • building standards consultancy and applications
  • valuations of real property
  • assessment of rebuild costs for insurance purposes
  • analysis of Title, boundary definition and the preparation of Title plans
  • Expert Witness services

We are specialist surveyors; if you need a special service...just ask!


Smith & Garratt is your natural choice for valuations, especially where taxation is an issue.

We understand tax and probate and will work with your accountant and/or solicitor to mitigate your liabilities, both pre- and post mortem. We value real property - residential, agricultural, forestry, development, minerals, sportings, renewables, mixed rural estates in connection with:

  • Income Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • Compulsory Purchase & Compensation
  • Rates, Council Tax
  • Annual Residential Property Tax
  • Probate
  • Pension planning
  • Succession planning
  • Insurance, &c.

We can also assist in ransom cases.